What's NXT 2020 Sessions

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Remote Work Security | Brandon Jarrett

(11:00 AM)
Coronavirus is accelerating the number of people working remotely, at a speed no one expected. For many of the people working remotely, the shift is coupled with anxiety resulting from the COVID19 pandemic. The mixture of the physical and emotional changes is introducing significant security risks.  Join us for a short presentation and open discussion around securing the remote workforce.

API Security and the Challenges It Presents | Will Blackburn

(11:00 AM)
API growth continues to explode as more companies reap the benefit of an integrated experience. So, what are APIs? How are they being used to expose data and expand features? And most importantly, where does API security stand today?

Creating a World-Class Borrower and Lending Experience | Joe Dahleen & Sara Nakae

(11:00 AM)
Joe Dahleen and Sara Nakae will showcase a digital lending strategy that can be plugged directly into your Core Banking or Data Lake to provide optimal customer experience when offering mortgage and home equity lending products to your current clients. See and discuss the latest ways to leverage your own data to tailor the digital lending experience in providing instance access to home equity analysis and even instant loan approvals directly from your own data. Join us as we take a live demo of our latest product release and tour around the latest in Fintech with automated ordering configured to your underwriting guidelines. We will discuss how leveraging your own data with instant property data can drive higher conversion rates by giving your clients access free access to the Home Value Equity Reports. We will also be discussing how leverage data can drive down fulfillment costs and lower FTE touches at the same time.

Online Application Abandonment - How to Prevent Lost Opportunities | Peter Brown

(11:00 AM)
With new online channels, many banks are finding a very large abandonment of online applications for loans, deposits and other products. This means that customers start an application but never complete the request and walk away without engaging with the banks. Peter Brown will discuss research, industry trends and more best practices to ensure customers are engaged and opportunities aren’t lost.

Cyber Threats with Cisco Talos | Joe Marshall

In this presentation, Cisco Talos will cover the basics of threat intelligence and why it matters to securing your enterprise. Also discussed will be the latest threats and how adversaries are evolving their tactics and techniques to be successful and what you can do to prevent it.

Your Essential ALM Checklist: Do This and Avoid Exam Comments | Tom Parsons

(12:00 PM)
The Joint Agency Policy Statement on Interest Rate Risk (January 2010) identifies very specific expectations for IRR analysis. The pandemic caused a drop in interest rates which will eventually reverse and certainly make its way into the examiner dialogue. We have developed a checklist for IRR analysis to help financial institutions pass examiner scrutiny during their safety and soundness exams. In this session we will address:

  • Minimum expected analysis and documentation for effective IRR.
  • Choosing IRR analytics that are appropriate for your institution.
  • Scenario examples appropriate for rising rate environments.
The Value of Proper Data Management | Bobby Childs

(12:00 PM)
In 1848 over 300,000 people left their homes, and even sometimes families, to head to California to take advantage of the discovery of gold found at Sutter’s Mill. The sudden influx of both gold into the money supply and people flooding local towns lead to a massive boom in the American economy and also to California’s rapid move into statehood. We now know and refer to this period as the “gold rush” and it was a time in our history marked by the sheer power of a large quantity of very valuable material. In today’s economy, we have our own “gold mine” that we are sitting on that is waiting to be utilized to its fullest measure – and that “gold mine” is data! In fact, the majority of US companies are sitting on over 100 terabytes of data right now which has the potential to create billions in revenue and cost savings! However, if not managed properly this “gold mine” can go left untouched, underutilized or just plain buried. Join Bobby Childs September 17th at the What’s NXT 2020 conference as he talks about the immense value of data and how proper management of this data is the key to unlocking its potential!

Do You Really Know CECL? | Tom Parsons

(1:15 PM)
Current Expected Credit Loss was placed on the back-burner last summer. But the Joint Agencies released a policy statement in May that, if nothing else, confirms January of 2022 as the date of compliance. Attend this session and learn:

  • What CECL means to a financial institution?
  • How do I choose a CECL method that is acceptable for my institution?
  • What timeline for implementation should financial institutions follow?
How the Correct LOS Platform Can Help Manage Risk, Drive Growth and Help Community FI's Succeed in a Post-COVID World | Nolan Gesher

(2:15 PM)
Nolan Gesher, Vice President of Client Services at Abrigo, discusses financial technology trends in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and why an LOS platform is more essential today than ever.  Nolan will then be joined on a panel by Abrigo professionals with sales, product development and solution implementation responsibilities to answer questions from conference attendees.

SOC Review Do's and Don't's: How to Improve Your Vendor Management Program | Bart Hall

(3:15 PM)
In this session, we will dig into what you should be reviewing when you receive your vendors’ SOC 2 reports. Each SOC (Service Organization Controls) report follows a basic outline. We will highlight the key points to focus on when reviewing your vendors’ SOC reports. In this session, we won’t go into the details of what report you need to obtain. we're here to talk about SOC 2. We’ll help answer the question of what you should be doing once you get the report in your hands. Properly reviewing these reports is an essential part of the vendor management and risk management functions, and should be taken very seriously. You are only as strong as your weakest link, which could be your vendors.

5 Important Considerations for a Credit Union Purchasing a Bank | Dennis Holthaus

(3:15 PM)
The first credit union bank acquisition transaction closed in 2012. It’s really hard to believe that eight years have already passed since then and that approximately fifty additional transactions have closed or are pending. While the transaction volume has declined in 2020, for obvious reasons, five transactions have been announced this year, including one earlier this month. The expectation is that 2021 will see an increase in the number of deal announcements over 2020. This session will review the primary strategic issues that a credit union board and management team should consider when evaluating whether or not to pursue a bank acquisition opportunity.