What is vCISO and Why Do We Sell It?

Get the benefit of a true CISO without the salary of one! 

Let’s look at what a vCISO is, what one does, and why NXTsoft sells this type of service. vCISO stands for “Virtual Chief Information Officer”. It is an offering that NXTsoft has for small, medium, and some larger companies who do not currently have a CISO.

What does a vCISO service offer? Having a vCISO allows your company to get the benefits of a true C-Suite CISO, without having to fork over the $250k salary for one. A vCISO includes a team of highly talented engineers who are always watching your network for vulnerabilities, creating future-state plans for your network that are more secure than today’s footprint, and are always available for meetings with other technology or security engineers in your company or C-Suite Executives who just want to understand the blocking and tackling from a high-level. Why does NXTsoft sell our vCISO service? NXTsoft employees have learned over time that banks and other institutions often WANT a CISO, but they aren’t ready to pay the price ($$$) for hiring one.

Other companies have found that even if you hire one, good ones are hard to find and they switch jobs a lot, always reaching for the next big payday. Thus, NXTsoft’s vCISO service was born. It provides a cost-effective way for small, medium, and large companies to have the benefits of a CISO without having to pay a full-time employee.

If you, as a NXTsoft partner, are not selling our vCISO service today, why not? It’s an easy conversation to start, and as always, it can be mutually beneficial for both you and your salespeople once those sales start piling up.

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