From Big Businesses to Small Towns, The Need and Cost for Cybersecurity Continues to Grow

 As cyberattacks become increasingly more common, the need for cybersecurity professionals becomes increasingly imperative – even for small town staffs. There are many crucial steps to preventing a cybersecurity attack, but one tool that can especially strengthen your defense against a cyberattack is appointing a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). An appointed CISO is dedicated to protecting your data from a breach and reduces your risk. 

Unfortunately, the only obstacle that many small towns and small businesses face with appointing a CISO to protect valuable data is the cost of hiring a chief officer position. Many cities cannot afford to attract and retain the talent needed to ensure comprehensive oversight. According to the average salary for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is $220K annually, with $268K in total compensation, and that’s IF you can find someone in your area with the skills for the job.

ThreatAdvice vCISO Guards Your Town

Rest easy with ThreatAdvice vCISO with the assurance that you have an overarching solution to oversee all of your data security needs. ThreatAdvice vCISO is NXTsoft’s flagship software solution that provides oversight into all of your cybersecurity needs. If you have a cybersecurity issue, ThreatAdvice vCISO will alert you and advise as to what action you need to take, but more importantly ThreatAdvice vCISO ensures that the proper solutions and protocols are in place so that the likelihood of a cybersecurity event is significantly reduced. ThreatAdvice vCISO provides employee cybersecurity training and education, intelligence on potential cyber threats and a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring solution delivered through our proprietary dashboard.

Your vCISO dashboard allows you can communicate securely with your vCISO team, access completed reports and policies, view upcoming and completed tasks and more. All of your security information is warehoused in one place with oversight and interpretation from your dedicated vCISO team. You can protect your town’s important data at a fraction of the cost with ThreatAdvice vCISO.

Take a look at the City of Vestavia’s experience with ThreatAdvice. and hear from the City Manager about the threats cities face and the importance of cyber education.

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Don't Let Your Municipality Become A Cyber Victim

Cybercriminals of today often tread the path of least resistance, and many times they find that cities and states (and our U.S. government!) are that path. One state’s Department of Revenue recently sustained a security breach that affected 3.8 million taxpayers who had their social security numbers exposed, along with other sensitive personal information. This attack was traced to a single “phishing” email delivered to a government employee that allowed hackers to access the state’s computer network. Long story short, this one government employee clicking on one malicious email cost the state as much as $12 million in credit monitoring services, not to mention other costs that stemmed from the attack.

And what about the attack on the City of Atlanta that occurred in March of 2018? That single attack cost the city over $2.8 million to restore the city’s operations while some departments still remain hobbled by an attack that occurred after years of warnings about vulnerabilities in the city’s system. Some city employees went a full five days without being able to use their computers.

And regrettably smaller cities are not exempt from attack. The City of Leeds in Alabama, population, 11,940 was hit by a ransomware attack that ended with city leaders having to pay hackers a ransom of $12,000 in Bitcoin to regain control of their systems.

Then there is this example of a recent breach in Lafayette, CO.

Municipalities have control over millions of records containing sensitive personal information. These entities also typically have tight budgets and are reluctant to increase spending on cybersecurity. However, they must conduct themselves just as any other business when it comes to cybersecurity by recognizing the threat exists and by preparing for breach avoidance, breach mitigation, and breach recovery. Good cybersecurity education and comprehensive cybersecurity oversight go a long way in helping municipalities meet these goals.

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