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Work remote, stay secure

The COVID-19 epidemic is forcing businesses to confront the reality of remote work technology and policies. Technology makes it easy to stay productive working remote, but are you certain that your employees know how to keep your data safe and secure without the protection of your office network?

NXTsoft has designed a series of 5 e-learning classes complete with 5 question quizzes to help you easily educate your staff on best practices for working remote. When working remotely security is still key!  To enroll your employees in NXTsoft's Free Remote Work Security Series, please complete the form below.


Securing Your Technology For Remote Work

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While working remotely provides an obvious advantage to continuing business operations, it also creates potential weaknesses and security vulnerabilities which could expose your organization to an attack. Hopefully, you are  prepared for an increased volume of remote users. If your confidence in your controls and security safeguards is not at 100%, NXTsoft has also created a Securing Your Technology for Remote Work Tips for those responsible for overseeing remote work efforts at your organization.